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How Our Process Works

We’ve simplified the process. Simply fill out our brief inquiry form and a referral broker will contact you with available free money grant programs or mortgage loans that are best suited to your needs. This is done without painful paperwork or waiting in queues. We call you!

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Complete our brief online application inquiry for your free money first time home buyer grant program. It’s quick, easy, and confidential.

Referral Agent

A referral agent will review your application and a Mortgage Loan Officer will be selected that is best suited to your program. No need to call multiple loan offices or banks, we do it for you without any cost or commitment from you.

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How We Make Money

You’ll never pay us a cent

We’re a completely free service. We do not charge any fees or are there any additional costs for the home buyer. Our team is committed to provide help, guidance and assistance to all.

When you win, we win

We charge a small fee to the lender after the closing process. (some referral brokers charge 20% upfront to the home buyer) Don’t be fooled, home buyers should never pay for a referral broker.

We’re lender-neutral

Our team isn’t rewarded for working with specific lenders or banks over others. We take our client’s need seriously and find the right program that fits with the right lender.